Guinjata Bay

SPECIAL: Prices valid untill 30 November 2004

Fly-In Packages
(Includes accommodation, 3 meals, transfers and return air fares)

  • Weekend (Friday to Monday)
    R 3 950-00 per person
  • Mid-Week (Monday to Friday)
    R 4 395-00 per person
  • 7-Night Week (Monday to Monday / Friday to Friday)
    R 5 795-00 per person
  • 10-Nights (Friday to Monday)
    R 6 950-00 per person

5-Dive Package Bonus

Pay for 5 dives R840-00 and get 1 dive FREE!

Location Details

GUINJATA BAY is situated south of Inhambane in the Jangamo Bay area. It is approximately 53O km north of Maputo. The road from Maputo to Inhambane is tarred. The last 25 km to the resort is a sand road and only accessible with a 4 x 4 vehicle or a 2 x 4 with a difflock.

You can also fly in from Lanseria (Johannesburg) direct to Inhambane. Flights are available on Fridays and Mondays. Transfers to and from the resort are also offered. Various packages are available.

Guinjata Bay Resort offers 2 rubberducks for diving charters. There are also 3 Bauer compressors to fill cylinders. Guinjata Bay also offer full time Instructors, Dive Masters and courses. All diving gear are available to rent - especially for people flying in.

Package deals including meals, accommodation and dives are on offer. Smaller groups or individuals are all being catered for and night dives are available on request.


This reef is approximately 1,5 km from the launch site and offers a variety of dive sites. The outer edge of the reef drops down to 21 meters while other areas of the reef come up to 9m. There are a number of dive sites on this reef which have not been named as yet. One area in particular is wall to wall with sea anemones, other areas are full of brightly coloured nudibranches and sea cucumbers. Although this reef is relatively close in, we have often seen Manta and Devil rays. The outer edge regularly produces sightings of game fish and larger rays resting in the sand.

This reef is approximately 12 km north of the launch site and therefore can only be reached when the sea is relatively calm. This reef is large and offers a great variety of dives ranging from 18m to 35m on the outer edge. As it is situated in the main current, sighting of Manta and Devil rays are more common. Three cleaning stations for Manta's have been identified and Manta's are spotted on a regular basis. Whale Sharks, Sharks and various pelagic fish are often seen. One of the better spots, called "Manta" offers unbelievable diving with vast shoals of reef fish as well as game fish to be seen. Spanish Dancers have been seen swimming in broad daylight. This reef regularly produces world class diving!

This reef starts close to the shore and runs down to 35m very quickly offering excellent sightings of reef fish on one side with game fish lurking on the other. Many lion fish can be seen in one spot. The shallow protected area has brilliant corals. Again this reef has many spots which have not been named yet. The inner side of the reef is extremely well protected and provides almost pool like conditions for student training and snorkeling.

This reef is about 6 kms south of Paindane. Several whale sharks are spotted here on a regular basis. This site is rarely dived and thus unexplored. A lot of reefs are still to be discovered.