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Many thanks for your enquiry regarding our tours to the Red Sea. As I’m sure you are aware, the Red Sea is undoubtedly the ultimate dive destination.

To make the most out of your holiday, and to ensure a hassle free trip please read through the following information


Why choose Africa Scuba Travel as my Red Sea tour operator

Every year divers travel on their own to the Red Sea, or go over in small groups with various dive schools, only to find that the operators and facilities in Egypt are not what they have read about in the brochures. Or, worse still, that they have been " dumped " on the closest and most convenient reefs (also usually the most damage!) without realizing what dives really exist.

(I have had the same Wreck variously described by different dive guides as the " Sea Star " "Unknown Wreck " & " Giannis D " when it was none of these!)

I have been leading groups to the RED SEA for the past 10 years. I have been a joint partner with, and personally organized and led all of the Getaway Magazine’s "Reader Privilege Offers" to the Red Sea.

I also organized and assisted with the research of the 3 part series featured in Getaway Magazine on Diving in the RED SEA, including the Wrecks of the RED SEA, and a full length feature on the Thistlegorm Wreck.

For its 10 year Anniversary Special Edition, Getaway selected " Diving at Ras Mohammed " as one of the Top Ten Adventures in Africa. Because of my experience I was chosen to organize and lead the journalist team that researched the feature.

In the beginning I also learned the hard way – bookings not confirmed, hassles with hotels, boats leaving late (or not leaving!), stranded at Cairo Airport – you name it.

Any of you that have been to the Red Sea will know just how many hundreds of operators there are, and how many hotels to choose from – not all good.

I trust the operators that I have been using for the last 8 years, and I have personally accompanied them on numerous tours. I’m sure that there are cheaper operators, but I have never been let down by anyone of the operators which I use.

Because of these long standing dealings with the operators in the Red Sea, and the number of people I have taken, combined with the publicity the operators receive from Getaway, ensures that I get the best service and deals available.

The departure dates are timed to coincide with the best dive periods in the RED SEA.

With all of the above in mind, I have arranged a variety of Specialist Dive tours for the 2003 season to cater for everyone. As can be seen from the attached itinerary, these are all competitively priced.

In addition I have included some combination 8 day live aboard, land-based packages. These tours combine the comfort of land based diving, with the excitement of live aboard diving in the right proportions.

They also allow you to participate in various other non-diving activities, and take in the complete Egyptian Experience. You can explore the town of Sharm el Sheik with its diverse cultures and restaurants, surrounding desert and nearby towns such as Dahab, and to participate in non diving activities e.g. Desert Safari’s, Desert Quad biking, Camel and Horse Riding, Jet Skiing, etc.

However if you are a serious diver wanting to maximize your RED SEA diving experience, there is nothing to beat hard-core live-aboard diving.

With every tour I have included the option of a tour of Cairo as well. For those of you that have been there know how hot it is, and how you are hassled by all the vendors.

For this reason we use only air-conditioned buses, with certified , English speaking tour guides. To rest before the long flight home, I have arranged a day room, with swimming pool and late check out to enable you to relax after a strenuous mornings sight seeing. Remember all return flights to South Africa leave after midnight, which means your are up for over 18 hours on the last day.

Our tours were again recently featured in GETAWAY MAGAZINE (March 2002), so you can read all about it, in Africa’s most respected travel magazine.

Should there be any further details you need clarification on, please do not hesitate to contact me personally on my cell, (listed below).

As I said earlier, I am positive that you might find a Red Sea tour a little cheaper, but certainly you will not find one as professional, or better value for money.

Grey Beetge, whom a lot of you will know from the numerous tours he has in the past led for Africa Scuba Travel, has now formally "joined the team" as a partner in the organization, and is available to answer any further queries (details below).

See you in the Red Sea.