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Diving at Velidhu:

Obviously, one of the main reasons we at Africa Scuba Travel chose Velidhu for our divers, was because of its phenomenal diving and large house reef.  It is one of the few tourist islands that have its own dive able house reef – quite literally, your own dive site on your front verandah.

 Another reason we chose Velidhu is because it is run and recommended by one of the biggest dive operators in the Maldives, and Asia, and with whom we started diving with so many years ago.

Not only are they are familiar with enthusiastic South African “hard core” divers, but are also aware of our devalued currency, and with this in mind have put some very affordable dive packages together for us.

 A single dive at any Maldive resort is between $50.00 and $65.00 per dive (that’s between R400.00 and R500.00. In addition to this there is a $10.00 per dive, boat fee that is paid direct to the resort for use of these large dive boats. If you consider these factors you will see that these packages are unbelievable value for money, particularly the 6 day unlimited dive option.

 We have been given two options – and please note they are strictly for packages pre-paid in South Africa – they are not available at the resort.

Option B – 3 0r 5 Dive Package:

 Price includes boat dives & boat charter fees, use of weight belts and cylinders. Does not include free house reef diving. House reef dives are $41.00 per dive, and additional boat dives $51.00 per dive payable at the resort.

Option C – unlimited 6  day Package:

 This package includes unlimited boat diving, including boat night diving, and unlimited diving on the house reef, day or night. It also includes weight belt and cylinder usage, and air fills for the house reef dives.

 The dive school is extremely accommodating, and in addition to the 2 normal boat dives per day, offers early morning 2 tank dive trips to the outer reefs, as well as all-day trips, which include a visit to a local island, and meals on board the dive boat. There is normally a boat night dive at least twice a week, but should demand warrant it, they are prepared to do so more often. Realistically you can get in at least 15 boat dives, and as many house reef dives as you can safely do.

 Included in the tour is $120.00 of prepaid boat charter fees – this is usually enough to cover 12 boat dives, but in some instances, like the all day boat trips, or late afternoon trips, these may be slightly more or less than $10.00 per trip. Should you want to do more than the 12 boat dives in the 6 diving days, than you will be liable only for the additional $10.00 boat fee, and not the $41.00 dive fee?

 Make sure you bring a dive computer with – diving with computer is a regulation in the Maldives. They can be hired at the resort, but it is probably cheaper to buy your own before going. This package is undoubtedly the best value for money, and definitely the most affordable option for the keen diver!

Night Diving:

 The Maldives must be one of the best and safest places in the world to night dive. The sea is unbelievably calm and the coral spectacular. Boat night dives are arranged every second night, subject to demand, and at Velidhu you can dive on the house reef every night.  Make sure you have a good dive torch.

Dive Insurance:

  For all dive travel, both local and particularly overseas, we strongly recommend dive insurance, such as DAN. The cost of medical treatment overseas can be frightening. Some of the options provided for by DAN cover most medical emergencies, not only diving, and are strongly recommended. Temporary cover can also be arranged. Contact us should you require application forms.

Equipment Hire: 

Dive packages include the cost of cylinder and weight belt hire. We recommend that you take your own gear, except for weight belts and cylinders. The water is warm (26-28C) so unless you really feel the cold, a 3mm shorty is usually sufficient.

 Herewith are gear rental prices at the resort.

 Dive Computer (Aladdin Sport)           $ 4.00 per dive

Dive Torch                                          $ 8.00 per dive

Wetsuit (3mm Shorty)                          $ 4.00 per dive

BCD                                                    $ 3.00 per dive

DV                                                      $ 3.00 per dive

Camera                                               $25.00 per dive

 Should you require any equipment, particularly torches and computers, we can provide these at very competitive prices.