Dive Camp – Visitors Hints & Guide


Many thanks for booking with us – we certainly value your support and will try and do everything to make your stay with us as enjoyable as possible.


Herewith are some tips you might find useful - please read thru’ carefully before departure and contact Katya at the office should you have any queries.


Border Control:

The border is open from 8am – 5pm. On arrival, first clear SA immigration, (brick building on left) and then cross over to the Mocambican side and clear immigration

(Prefab building on right – ask for forms from counter first so you can fill in while queuing) All persons entering Mocambique require a valid visa. If you intend taking a vehicle over the border, get one of your party to sort out the temporary importation permit, (corrugated iron building on the left - obtain necessary forms before queuing.)


Border Pick ups:

On normal weekends its possible to drive thru to the Mocambique side of the border, unpack your vehicle with the stuff you are taking to Ponta, then drive back to the vehicle park on the SA side of the border (fenced, shade cloth are on left as you arrive) Walk back to join your group.


Long weekends are sometimes a problem with the number of people trying to get through the border. If possible try to follow the same procedure, but sometimes the SA authorities might change procedures to control traffic.


Please make contact with driver of the collection vehicle on your arrival!!


Please note that the vehicle usually used for collections is a green “Safari” Land Rover. While perhaps not offering the air-conditioning, they certainly are rugged and are required to get through to Ponta with all the luggage. In any event it is only a 12 Km ride so enjoy the open-air ride & scenery!


Transfer Times:

Ponta – Border                                 Border – Ponta


Mondays – Saturdays

7.30 am           2.30 pm                                               8.30 am           3.30 pm

Sundays or last day of Long Weekend             

11.00am           2.30 pm                                               12.00 pm     3.30pm


Please note:

The collection vehicle will wait for 30 minutes after the collection time booked.

Should you not arrive within this time he will return to Ponta. Should he have to later return to the border to collect you, you will be required to pay an additional R80.00 pp collection fee. Please also note that should it require additional trips to transport everyone, these will be done strictly on a first come basis. These collection times may be changed should circumstances warrant – please confirm with booking office.



Traveling time to Ponta from Gauteng is, depending on stops and how you drive, between 6 and 9 hours. Durban is 5 – 6 hours. Make allowance for unforeseen contingencies like fog, cows in the road, etc. When traveling at night please beware of cows in the road, and potholes on either side of Pongola Town, and for a short section around the Pongola River bridge at Ndumu. The road from Josini to the Kosi Bay border is generally very good.



Credit Cards and cheques are not accepted anywhere at Ponta. Please ensure you take sufficient cash for your extra dives, drinks, etc. SA Rands is the main currency used at Ponta.


Scuba Adventures Dive Camp

The camp is situated on the left at the entrance to the campsite, directly opposite the campsite reception. After checking in at reception, park in front of the Dive Camp, where you will be allocated your accommodation.




1.Barracas: traditional Mozambican reed hut with a cement floor and either a double, or 2 single beds, mattress and bedding. Far more spacious than a tent, and supplied with an electric light. (Mosquito net for hire – on request). Electric Light


Please note, as the barracas adjoin each other they only offer the same privacy as a tent – they are not totally independent units


2. Dive Tent: a canvas dome tent with 2 camp beds, and bedding. Also with electric light. Erected on a cement floor, under a weatherproof reed ceiling.


3. Outside Tent: same as Dive tent, but pitched directly outside of Dive Camp, under trees. Enjoys all the dive camp amenities.



The dive camp is supplied with electricity from the local campsite. Because of the limited supply no power points are available in the Dive Camp. There are electric lights in each tent and barracas. We strongly recommend that you take a torch. Connecting of private refrigerators, hair dryers, etc to any plug point in the camp is not allowed.



Freezer space is available for hire at the camp, and is strictly limited to foodstuffs. Under no circumstances can cold drinks, beers, etc be placed in the freezers. Rental rate is per container with a maximum size of 30cm on any dimension. Ice can be purchased at the Dive Camp and drinks kept cold in your cooler box. Remember to take you cooler box

Freezer space must be pre booked and pre paid. Freezer space cannot be hired directly at Ponta


Ablution Facilities:

Clean toilets and showers, with hot and cold water, are situated just outside the dive camp area.


Dive Planning:

Dive Planning takes place inside the dining area at the Dive Camp at 6.00pm every evening. Obviously on you arrival day you would not have a dive planned. Please contact the beach controller or camp manager to arrange a place on the first available boat.


Mosquitoes & Malaria:

Ponta, like Sodwana, the Kruger Park, and virtually the whole East Coast of Africa from Empangeni northwards, falls in a Malaria belt. Although we have no knowledge of any of our clients ever contracting Malaria, we suggest you take the necessary precautions.

Take Tabard, Mosquito sprays, coils, etc. Should you forget, insect repellant is available from the dive shop. Contact British Airways travel clinic for recommended prophylactic.


Mosquito nets are available for hire – contact Scuba Adventures Dive Camp office


Restaurants & Food:

The dive camp is essentially self-catering, with crockery and cutlery supplied. A fire for barbeque is made each night in the barbeque area.

Should you not wish to self cater, meal vouchers are available for the “Fishmonger Restaurant” one of Mozambique’s top seafood restaurants. These are offered at a discounted rate for clients of the dive camp - please arrange with booking office prior to departure.


Groceries & Alcohol:

There are a few local shops in Ponta selling a limited range of groceries and drink. Because of importation tax these tend to be expensive, and it is recommended that you bring all supplies with you from RSA.


TV, Rugby and Sporting events:

South African DSTV is available at the Fishmonger Restaurant. All major rugby, football, and sporting events are screened live.


Mocambique Scuba & Adventure Centre, & Shopping:

Snorkeling, scuba equipment and beachwear is available from Mocambique Scuba & Adventure Centre situated in the Marlim center in the town square. The “Famous Dive Sites” T-Shirt series, featuring all the well-known reefs of Ponta, including Pinnacles and Bass City, are available from the shop as well.


Gear Rental:

Scuba equipment, and cylinders, are available for rental, from the Dive Camp. You will be required to leave your passport as security when renting equipment. Please note it is essential that this equipment be pre booked when booking your dive package in Johannesburg.


 Checklist: What to take


Most important – take sufficient cash for all your needs

Credit Cards & Cheques are not accepted anywhere in Ponta