The Romelia (1977)

LOCATION: Off Sunset Rocks, Llandudno.
ACCESS: Take the Llandudno turnoff, which is 8km from Camps Bay SAP, and follow the Sandy Bay signs. It is difficult to find parking near the wreck on summer weekends - try to persuade the access boom attendee to allow you access to drop your gear off. It is an easy walk down to the rocks but the last part requires some careful clambering to get to the water's edge. You can enter from one of the flat rocks or into one of the gullies. It is a swim of approx. 200m to the wreck.
CONDITIONS: Like elsewhere on this coast, it is cold and clear after a south-easterly wind has blown. The surge can be very strong on the southern side and there is a strong suction through a hole on the Llandudno (northern) side of the wreck. This site should only be dived when conditions are perfect.

The Romelia was a Liberian oil tanker of some 20 000 tons that floundered on Sunset Rocks on 29 July 1977, while en route to a Taiwanese breaker's yard. It was being accompanied by the Antipolis. Both ships were in tow when the cable snapped in one of Cape Town's spectacular and notorius winter storms. This used to be a very popular dive but the stern section has broken up and the whole dive site is now just a pile of rubble.