Pyramid Rock

LOCATION: Just north of Castle Rock.
ACCESS: This is a pyramid-shaped rock witch sticks up 1m above the water, about 75m from the northern edge of Castle Rocks, a large jumble of rocks going out into the sea. The spot can be recognized by cottages on either side of the road. There is an informal but well known gravel parking area on the landward side of the road. Kit up alongside the road and walk down the steps, leading past the cottages and to the lawn at the bottom. The entry and exit points are over the round boulders, to the left of the cluster of rocks. Alternatively, you can walk to the little beach about 70m to the left, and enter there for a shorter swim.
CONDITIONS: There is usually a bit of surge running, except in completely flat conditions. A winter dive after a NW wind is ideal, it is generally fairly sheltered

This is an interesting dive, big submerged rocks and swim-throughs. Invertebrate life is colourful and abundant and there are many big reef fish in this marine reserve. It is worth saving a bit of air to return to the exit point on a compass course as the terrain is covered in kelp and small boulders. These often provide shelter for small octopus, rays or dog sharks. Take a camera! This is really a great dive and well worth the swim out.