Lusitania (1911)

LOCATION: On the eastern side of Bellows Rock, which breaks approximately 4km off Cape Point.
ACCESS: This is a boat dive. The boat is launched from Miller's Point. The wreck lies on the eastern side of the blinder which can be seen breaking.
CONDITIONS: The wreck is in a very exposed area and conditions have to be absolutely perfect to dive on it. Even moderate swells can cause significant turbulence near bellows rock. Best dived on the change of winds, but they must be very gentle winds with absolutely no swell running!

The Lusitania, a Portuguese twin-screw passenger liner of 5557 tons, struck Bellows Rock at midnight on 18 April 1911. It sank two days later when it slipped off the rock, and all but 8 of the 800 people aboard surviced. The unfortunate passenger's died when a lifeboat capsized. A large amount of steel plating and some bronze fittings remain on the site but may not be removed. The sea life is beautiful and varied with many invertebrates and sometimes, large fish. This is a deep dive and it is essential to navigate away from the rock underwater to avoid the strong surge area near the surface. This dive is only recommended for experienced divers.