The Katzmaru (1970's)

LOCATION: In the middle of the mouth of Hout Bay.
ACCESS: This is a boat dive. The boat is launched from Hout Bay harbour and it is a very short trip to this wreck. The Katzmaru lies 15m from the Astor.
CONDITIONS: It is usually calm inside the bay. Despite concerted resistance by local divers, residents and environmental groups, a sewage pipeline has been constructed with the main outfall just metres from the Katzmaru - and this is 20m away from the Astor.
AVERAGE DEPTH: 29m on the deck
MAXIMUM DEPTH: 32m on the sand

The Katzmaru, an Oriental trawler that sank in the 1970's in Hout Bay, lies on a stark sandy bottom and is in a virtually intact condition. A multitude of fish and other marine life typical of the Atlantic Ocean can be seen here. This is a popular and easily accessible deep wreck, often used for advanced training.