Crosses (Kruis)

LOCATION: 18km south of Gordon's Bay.
ACCESS: From Gordon's Bay, drive towards Rooiels and park at Buoy 20 (signposted on the road) on the grassy picnic spot. Follow the path to the left until you reach a long gulley. The easiest entry is to jump off the point, at the mouth of the gulley. The dive site is just behind a submerged shelf of rock. To exit, swim into the gulley and then into the lee of the little rock almost at the end, where it is sheltered and you can scramble on to the rocks. This can be done as a boat dive,
CONDITIONS: The shelf of rock running out to sea, behind which the main dive site is situated, can pick up quite dramatically on a low tide and high swell. Great care should be taken swimming over it.

The rocky sea bed is colourful and there is an abundance of marine life. The best spot is the outer side of the submerged point which forms a wall down to about 8m and then slopes gently to 18m. The 'wall' is covered in redbait and many colourful invertebrates, and also shelter many crayfish in inaccessible holes. This is a lovely site, named because of the crosses on the cliffside. Although novices can safely enjoy this dive site from a boat, the shore entry is for moderately experienced divers only, and should not be attempted without either local expertise or a very thorough site survey.