Coral Gardens

LOCATION: South-west of the Hottentots Huisie recreation resort.
ACCESS: The easiest way of getting to the reef is by boat. The municipal slipway in Three Anchor Bay is the nearest launch site. To do a shore dive, turn off to Hottentots Huisie from Victoria drive (5km from Camps Bay). There is an entrance fee at the gate. The most direct route is to follow the concrete drainage channel on the far side of the parking lot and then keep left on the little path. This is a rather steep scramble and some boulder-hopping to get to the water's edge. Swim about 100m to a long, flattish rock. The dive site is directly behind this rock.
CONDITIONS: Best dived on calm days as the reef is in the path of the prevailing swells and is there subject to heavy swells.

This is one of the most beautiful but less well known sites on the Peninsula. The underwater gardens of hard and soft coral form a kaleidoscope of brilliant pink, yellow, red, orange and purple, complimented by fields of urchins and brightly coloured anemones. The corals may NOT be removed. The resort is for day visitors only and no camping is allowed. There are toilets, fresh water and fireplaces available. This is a lovely spot to spend the day but can become very crowded. This is the crème de la crème of Cape Town’s summer dive spots, and it’s all about timing. With walls of hard corals, soft stars, incredible colours and an array of splendor - don’t forget to TAKE A CAMERA!