The HMS Birkenhead (1977)

LOCATION: The wreck lies on the western side of Birkenhead Rock, approximately 2.5km off Danger Point.
ACCESS: By boat from Gansbaai Harbour or Kleinbaai. Kit up in the boat and descend as soon as you hit the water (It is NOT a good idea to hang around on the surface in these waters). When exiting, it is recommended that buddy pairs surface one at a time and enter the boat quickly so that no one has to hang around waiting.
CONDITIONS: A strong undercurrent and big swells, as well as the depth, make this dive only for the experienced diver, preferably accompanied by someone with knowledge of the site. Best dived in late winter.

This wreck is of great historical significance because of the many brave lives that were lost and the still undiscovered fortune that it was thought to have carried. It was one of the first British iron paddle frigates to be built and was later converted to a troopship. The wreck consists of 3 main sections: The bows, the engine room and the stern. This site was rarely dived by sport divers on account of the distance from Cape Town, the depth (i.e. limited bottom time) and the rough sea conditions. For divers willing to make the effort, a thrilling and fascinating experience is guaranteed. Absolutely nothing may be removed.