The Astor (1997)

LOCATION: 20m north of the Katzmaru (wreck) in the middle of Hout Bay.
ACCESS: By boat from Hout Bay harbour - 15min boat ride.
CONDITIONS: It is usually calm inside the bay. Despite concerted resistance by local divers, residents and environmental groups, a sewage pipeline has been constructed with the main outfall just metres from the Katzmaru - and this is 20m away from the Astor.

This 360-ton crayfish boat was scuttled on 9 August 1997. All the doors were removed before scuttling so it is possible to do a deep penetration and swim the entire length of the boat (BUT ONLY IF YOU KNOW WHAT YOU ARE DOING!). A swim line is recommended. An interesting feature is the lobster net chute on the starboard side. The Astor lies upright on the sand and has a lovely super structure.