The Antipolis (1977)

LOCATION: On the rocks off Victoria Road, Oudekraal
ACCESS: Follow the road through Camps Bay towards Llandudno. You will reach the Twelve Apostles Hotel on your left, in the middle of nowhere. Continue past and up to the next lay by on your right. Turn around and as you back track, you will see her sticking out of the water. Park near the trees and kit up at the car. Follow the path down to the water and enter over the rocks. The surface swim is about 30m and descend near the wreck.
CONDITIONS: It is well protected on the landward side, but there can be a surge inside the wreck. Be careful of sharp protrusions. This is a summer dive, when the south-easter is blowing.

The Antipolis was a derelict Greek oil tanker of almost 25 000 tons. It was built in 1959 and wrecked on 29 July 1977 in the same incident as the Romelia, while being towed to the breaker's yard. It came to rest in a very stable position on the rocks and was a favourite venue for shipwreck parties, until the superstructure was cut off for scrap. The Antipolis' engine parts, ladders and portholes can be seen. This is an interesting dive if you are keen on modern wrecks as it gives a sense of vastness of even a small tanker.