Justin's Caves

LOCATION: Closer to Camps Bay than the Antipolis.

ACCESS: Kit up alongside the road and scramble down the steep incline next to the concrete drainage channel to the round boulders at the bottom. Alternatively, take the long foot path which leads to the entry for Sandy Cove, and then veer left. There are 2 entry points, both of which include scrambling over round boulders and entering into a gulley. Check both of the carefully as the ease of entry changes with the tide. The swim to the dive site is approx. 150m. The dive site is amongst the furthest clump of rocks, almost directly in front of the drainage channel. The cave is under the tallest, round rock. Descend in the channel between the 2 rocks. 
CONDITIONS: Justin's caves are usually dived in summer when the water is clear, but cold. A strong south-easterly chops the sea up quickly and makes the swim back tiring (it is easier done underwater in these conditions). The broken nature of the sea bed is disorientating so a compass is necessary. The surge is very strong through the caves when a swell is running. 
Large underwater caverns and breathtaking swim-throughs offer an exciting and colourful dive to both the novice and experienced diver. Marine life is prolific and vividly coloured invertebrates (nudibranches, anemones and hard and soft corals) grow on the ceilings and walls of the caverns. A torch is necessary to do justice to the splendor of the cave's interiors. Many large crayfish flourish in the reserve. Hottentot and other small fish are present, as well as many harmless bottom-dwelling sharks. This is a spectacular night dive but the entry and exit are a little trickey. This is one of the most popular shore dives in the area, particularly in summer.