The Clan Stuart (1914)

LOCATION: 4km from the Fish Hoek traffic circle, on the road to Simon's Town. This wreck is close inshore and is situated in a restricted diving area.

ACCESS: Permission to dive this wreck must be obtained from Naval Headquarters (PH: 021-787 3911) at Simon's Town, or you may find yourself accosted by a patrol of Navy divers. The Navy is pretty relaxed about giving permission and will only refuse if they are planning some sort of activity in the vicinity where you plan to dive. It is a short swim of about 50m offshore with easy entry and exit points. The ships engine block can be seen protruding from the sea.
CONDITIONS: This bay is almost always sheltered except in a strong north-easter. Because of the shallow depths, there can be surge when a swell is running.
The Clan Stuart, a 3500-ton British turret steamer, carrying a cargo of coal, sank after dragging it's anchors in a south-east gale on 21 November 1914. It's shallow depth allows plenty of sunlight to penetrate and the wreck is covered with dense marine growth, attracting a large number of fish. This wreck will be part of the proposed Simon's Bay wreck trail.