"A" Frame

LOCATION: Approximately 5km from Simon's Town

ACCESS: Drive from Simon's Town towards Cape Point for about 5km until you see some cottages on a large green lawn on the sea side of the road. Park on the main road, kit up there and walk down to the mast on the rocks (the mast has replaced the A-Frame structure, after which the site was named). You can enter from the flat rock below the mast or over the round boulders, about 50m to the south. The flat rock is usually easier at low tide and the boulders at high tide.
CONDITIONS: There can sometimes be a bit of a surge on the outer side of the big rock, but is usually calm inshore, especially in winter.
MAXIMUM DEPTH: About 15m on the outer side of the big rock
The best spot to descend is on the landward side of the big rock, after a swim of about 60m. There are some deep holes and overhangs and the side of the rock abounds with colourful invertebrates of all descriptions. Fish are tame and include Roman, hottentot, dasie, stompneus (stumpnose) and occassionally the bright yellow parrotfish. Friendly, playful seals are sometimes encountered. Small, harmless sharks (dogfish and pyjama sharks) are often seen. Octopuses and cuttlefish are not uncommon. The smaller rock, to the left of the round one has a lovely cave with beautiful sponges and colourful invertebrates. It can sometimes be silted up for a few weeks, especially at the beginning of winter.