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Shark Cage

Watch the Gansbay great white sharks from the (relative) safety of a cage. Recent Great white shark sightings in the Dyer Island area have been excellent. We have seen equal numbers of male and female sharks, sizes ranging from 2.5-4.5m. At this time of year the white sharks are beginning to hunt Cape fur seals (Arctocephalus pussilus pussilus) around Geyser Rock. The seals are passing through their annual cycle, with last season’s pups now around 8 months old. These juveniles have a developed blubber layer, but are still inexperienced enough to make them relatively easy prey for white sharks to hunt.
Contact us to find out how you can see the worlds most notorious predator eye to eye.

Two Oceans Predator Dive

Dive in the Predator Exhibit at the V&A aquarium and experience a close encounter with ragged-tooth sharks, a turtle, rays and variety of game fish including Garrick, Yellowtail and Tuna.

Some facts:
-The I&J Predator Exhibit contains 2 million litres of water and is 5m deep.
-A maximum of 3 divers per dive at 09h00, 11h00 or 13h00.
-All divers must be in possession of a sport diver/scuba certificate.
-A one-day resort course can be arranged if you are not certified.
This is the scuba equivalent of going to the zoo - except you get to go inside the lion cage. Bring a camera...


Knysna Heads Drift Dive

A drift dive through the Knysna Heads that passes over the Paquita Wreck. The Paquita, a German iron barque sunk after running ashore and filling with water on the east side of the famous heads in Knysna in 1903. The wreck is in beautiful condition with anchors clearly visible and many other things to discover. The reefs boast beautiful corals especially on the iron plates and inverterbrate life and plenty of marine growth inhabit the area. On spring tides, this becomes one of the fastest drift dives in the world. Experience a feeling similar to free flight as you soar over subaquatic dunes at near 6 knots.

Great Atlantic Kelp Forest Dive

Though most shore dives in the Cape Peninsula happen in or near the kelp forest, it is a spectacular experience to dive the forest in deeper water.In places the stalks rise for over 20 meters. On a clear day its like going for a stroll in a regular forest - except that you're half way between the tree tops and the jungle floor. Also a good place to encounter friendly seals.

Seal Dive

Duiker island is 10 minutes by boat from Hout Bay harbour, at the base of the Sentinel. This trip is specifically arranged to dive next to the home of a colony of Cape Fur seals. It is a fascinating dive, ideal for photography as the curious seals come close to investigate.
"Seals, everywhere. Hundreds. They swim right at you, look in your mask, do summersaults, swim circles around you ... you just have to laugh out loud, and be careful not to swallow water." - Jurgen Brauer


Water Ski / WakeBoard


Extreme Boat Ride

* Minimum 6 Divers per charter